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Tembeling (or Temeling) forest, beach and freshwater springs are combinations of natural tranquility and tropical wilderness. You’ll have to walk through the rainforest for about one hour before reaching the spring, but all the weariness will immediately wash away as you plunge yourself into the fresh spring water. There are separate ‘pools’ for men and women.

Teletubbies Hill

You may have watched (a long time ago!) the television show called Teletubbies. The hill looks surprisingly similar to a series of round hills on Nusa Penida – thus giving this location the name Teletubby Hill. Teletubby Hill offers you a view that is extraordinarily special.

Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is located in the beautiful bay with white sand and on the left side is Juntil Cape wich is stick out into the sea and on the right side stick out into Labuan Ampuak continued to the east is located Gili Batu Melawang, Gili Batu Pedasan, Gili batu Abah and Gili Batu Metegen.

Angel Billabong Beach

The Angel’s Billabong is one of Nusa Penida’s secret getaways in the form of a marvelous natural infinity pool.
With its emerald hues and crystalline waters, the Angel’s Billabong is the epitome of stunning. And apparently, the green floors of this particular infinity pool are so comfortable to walk on (not slippery), it actually feels carpeted.

Paluang Car temple

At some 200 m altitude, in the west of Nusa Penida, close to Bunga Mekar, sits the temple of Paluang, towering over steep limestone cliffs. The name of the temple could be explained as 'pa-luwang'.There has been debate on the origins of the temple, as it harbours a number of rather peculiar objects: two cement cars are venerated and have been given a pedestal. Depicting, chiselling or sculpturing means of transport in Balinese temples is not unique to Nusa Penida.