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Crystal Bay Beach

Crystal Bay is a quiet arc of white-grey sand set amid rocky, scrubby outcrops, with a small jagged islet off shore and rugged Nusa Ceningan in the distance. The majestic mola mola, or sunfish, comes to cleanse here, meaning divers and snorkellers are also lured here in season (August and September), but, when the waters are calm, there is good offshore snorkelling year round.

Giri Putri Cave Temple

One of the tremendous temple is Giri Putri Cave Temple which located in Karangsari, Suana Village, about 10 kilometers from the main harbour heading to the east. As the old script said, the temple predicted already exist in neolithic era and used for meditation or spiritual activities.
The name of Giri Putri derived from word ‘Giri’ means hill while the word ‘Putri’ means princess. The combination of those words refer to the cave as holy site of Siva on the manifestation of goddess whose protect the nature and human being.

Guyangan Beach

Guyangan waterfall offers you an exotic view of this original waterfall.
This waterfall will take your breath away and so will the journey there… Literally. If you don’t like stairs or you are incapacitated in some way then this might not be the best adventure for you. There is a lot of walking and the terrain is quite challenging, including a 200 meter cliff of very steep stairs to scale. You will need to hire a motorbike to get around on Nusa Penida or maybe even a motorbike with a driver as the signage is quite primitive and difficult to understand if you aren’t a local.

Broken Beach

Broken Beach or Pasih Uwug in Balinese. This is Beach is one of the coastal cliffs at the height like Uluwatu. There you will be able to look directly into the sea and if you are lucky, you can see a lot of manta rays and some turtles in the sea. Pasih Uug (Broken beach) has a range of high cliffs that surround the sea so it looks like a giant pool.

Suwehan Beach

The beach is located in the Tanglad Village - Nusa Penida. The beach is similar to Dreamland beach Bali. You will pass through the hills and saw some small pools that hold water. This water is used by the community as a religious event.
From a distance you can see the beauty of the Suwehan Beach. the beauty of blue sea and cliffs carved. Suwehan beach there is a large rock in the middle of the beach called jineng stone.

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