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Paluang Car temple

At some 200 m altitude, in the west of Nusa Penida, close to Bunga Mekar, sits the temple of Paluang, towering over steep limestone cliffs. The name of the temple could be explained as 'pa-luwang'.There has been debate on the origins of the temple, as it harbours a number of rather peculiar objects: two cement cars are venerated and have been given a pedestal. Depicting, chiselling or sculpturing means of transport in Balinese temples is not unique to Nusa Penida.


Pura Jagaraga temple in North Bali, near Singaraja, is another example: an old-fashioned car and a bicycle have been depicted on its walls. In recent years, the story behind this curious and unique temple was shrouded in mystery. During the author's last visit, July 2014, this temple was deserted and the temple warden, also the head of the village (Karangdawa), was not available for comments.Paluang Temple is The Only One Temple in The World Which Shaped Like Car.