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East South Packages

  • Atuh Beach

    Atuh Beach is located in the beautiful bay with white sand and on the left side is Juntil Cape wich is stick out into the sea and on the right side stick out into Labuan Ampuak continued to the east is located Gili Batu Melawang, Gili Batu Pedasan, Gili batu Abah and Gili Batu Metegen.

  • East-South Packages

  • Giri Putri Cave Temple

    One of the tremendous temple is Giri Putri Cave Temple which located in Karangsari, Suana Village, about 10 kilometers from the main harbour heading to the east. As the old script said, the temple predicted already exist in neolithic era and used for meditation or spiritual activities.
    The name of Giri Putri derived from word ‘Giri’ means hill while the word ‘Putri’ means princess. The combination of those words refer to the cave as holy site of Siva on the manifestation of goddess whose protect the nature and human being.

  • Teletubbies Hill

    You may have watched (a long time ago!) the television show called Teletubbies. The hill looks surprisingly similar to a series of round hills on Nusa Penida – thus giving this location the name Teletubby Hill. Teletubby Hill offers you a view that is extraordinarily special.