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Tembeling (or Temeling) forest, beach and freshwater springs are combinations of natural tranquility and tropical wilderness. You’ll have to walk through the rainforest for about one hour before reaching the spring, but all the weariness will immediately wash away as you plunge yourself into the fresh spring water. There are separate ‘pools’ for men and women.

If you like trekking, Tembeling Forest is the perfect choice for you. Tembeling is the last remnant of natural forest that once covered areas of the island.
The walk down is through thick, green vegitation and the forest is filled with the melodious calls of native birds. After reaching the bottom of the track, you are rewarded with cooling off in the pools formed by a natural spring below. Tembeling Forest has two pools, both of spiritual significance, one for men and one for women. Continue further to the very end and you will emerge at a beautiful beach and won't bear to leave.